You are welcome to use material from any of the talks listed below. If you do, I would appreciate an attribution link.

Invited talks

Learning can be trained
Course: Lo studente strategico by Prof. R. Faraci and Prof. V. Benzo
Department of Economics and Business
University of Catania: Nov, 9th 2017
Talk (on slideshare)

Collaborative Consumption and Sharing Economy
Course: Marketing e Strategia di Impresa by Prof. M. Colurcio
Department of Management

University of Catanzaro: Apr, 16th 2014
Talk (on slideshare)

Positioning & Intimization
LiquidamenteLab 2.0
Catania: Jan, 23rd 2014
Talk (on slideshare)

Business Model
StartUp Academy
University of Catania: Mar, 30th 2014
Talk (on slideshare)

Tecniche di apprendimento e gestione del tempo
Course: Lo studente strategico by Prof. R. Faraci and Prof. V. Benzo
Department of Economics and Business
University of Catania: Nov, 29th 2013
Talk (on slideshare)

Marketing Turistico: esperienze e strumenti
Course: Economic Geography of Tourism by Prof. M. Platania
Department of Educational Science
University of Catania: May, 23rd 2013
Talk (on slideshare)

Kick-off speech
10di30 | Creativity in Liquid Advertising
Media Digital R-Evolution. Il Presente è Mobile?
NAAP Academy, Catania: Sept, 28th 2012
Talk (on slideshare)

StartUp Marketing – Instruction Manual
Start Up Weekend – CT
Beasy Bureau
Catania: May, 26 2012
Talk (on slideshare)

Il consumatore creativo e il marketing collaborativo
Open BeasyNESS
Strategie di successo nell’era della condivisione: IDEE, ETICA e SOCIAL NETWORK.

Beasy Bureau
Catania: May, 12th 2012
Talk (on slideshare)

Marketing 2.0
Convegno Web Marketing – Club Dirigenti di Marketing
Confindustria Catania: Nov, 8th 2011
Talk (on slideshare)

Ph.D. Instruction Manual [Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Ph.D.*
(*But Were Afraid to Ask

Phd in Business and Management – University of Catania

One day Seminar
University of Catania: Jun, 24th 2011
Talk (on slideshare)

Dropping the Anchor. Anchors and Networks in the Development of Local Innovation
Inaugural One-Day Local Dissemination Workshop of the FRIDA Project
University of Catania: June, 19 2009